1. Do you have Public Liability Insurance and what does it cover?

Yes. County Castles and our customers are fully covered by our insurers: FML Insurance Services Ltd. 

If you wish to see a copy of our Public Liability Insurance at the initial stages of the booking process then please ask and we will send you a copy of the certificate. Often the owner of the venue where you are holding your party or event will want proof that Public Liability Insurance is in place.   

We have £5 Million worth of Public Liability Cover. Please note that our Public Liability Insurance covers us against set up faults or faulty equipment. Once the inflatable is in your care you are responsible for the castle and it's use. Should anything happen whilst the inflatable is in your control you may be liable to a claim as the hirer. Accidents can be easily avoided however through effective supervision of those using the infatable. Our terms and conditions, detailing the safe use of the inflatable, is contained within a contract you will be provided with at the point of delivery. 

2. How does the inflatable stay up?

The inflatables are continually inflated during use by either an electric fan or a petrol fan. For obvious reasons petrol fans can't be used indoors. Petrol fans are needed when there is no electricity supply close to where the inflatable is to be used. Generally we like to use electricity fans where possible as it is part of the cost and therefore the cheaper option for you. We have extension leads to plug in to an electricity supply but we really need to stay within 50m of that power point. Petrol fans are additional cost for obvious reasons. We will instruct you in the use of the petrol fan and how to fill it. We will leave enough additional fuel to last through your hiring.  

3. Do you deliver and collect on the same day?

Yes. Generally it is our policy to deliver and collect on the same day. We aim to deliver as early in the day as we can, allowing for our delivery schedule on that particular day. Collection will be made at a mutually agreed time between us and the hirer but we generally like to collect mid evening at the latest. In the event that you want to hire the equipment overnight or over two days we can discuss leaving the inflatable on site subject to weather and security overnight. We don't charge the prce of two fulls days if you require it overnight but we do charge an additional 25%.

If you are hiring an indoor hall for your event/party then you will be tied to the times you hire the hall for. In this case we will attend prior to your party most likely at the time you are setting up yourselves. We will then collect at the conclusion of your party. Please allow half an hour before and after your party for us to set up and pack away.   

4. Do you have inflatables for adults?

Yes, within our range there are three inflatables suitable for both adults and children. The Retro Disco Bouncer, The Surf City Bouncer and Gladiator Joust can all be used by both adults and children. 

5. Will the equipment be set up in time for our party/event starting.

Yes. In most cases where you hire a hall or other indoor venue we generally require half an hour to et up and the same to pack away. We will aim to set up the equipment when you are setting up for your party/event. It is important to have access to your venue a reasonable time before your start time and communicate that to us when booking. Similarly we need that short time between the time your party/event ends to the time you hand the venue back.

If your party is your own garden or similar then time restrictions aren't a problem, we simply agree between us the times you want the equipment set up and ultimately collected. We generally like to collect mid evening at the latest. 

6. What happens if it is raining or windy.

Unfortunately there is no accounting for the Great British weather so it is always a matter of crossing fingers for a nice day. We will always call you a couple of days prior to the date of your hiring. If the forecast is for heavy rain, prolonged showers or winds above the safe recommended limit we would not deliver the castle. Your safety is of paramount importance and we cannot expose our customers to risk if the weather conditions are not right. In the days before your hiring please keep a check on the weather forecast as we will be doing. Please understand it is always an awful decision to cancel due to the weather but our own safety guidelines, the relevant authorities and our Public Liability Insurers demand that we act responsibility and take the appropriate decisions depending on weather forecasts and conditions that may arise during your hiring. Forecasts are generally correct in the vast majority, but not always and the forecast turns out wrong. We can't operate on that maybe scenario so we will always be guided by the forecast. 

If you already have the inflatable then our terms and conditions leaflet, provided to you at the point of delivery, contains instructions on how to deal with the inflatable and it's use at the onset of inclement weather. Additionally we give you the appropriate advice verbally at the point of delivery. 

Please note that if we have to cancel due to adverse weather conditions then there is no financial loss to you.

7. How much space do I need to accommodate a bouncy castle

The dimensions of all of our inflatables are shown against each in the description in the "Range" section. Generally we need to be able to walk round the inflatable comfortably. It needs at least 2 feet at the sides and 4/5 feet at the rear to accomodate the inflation tunnel and fan and about 5/6 feet at the front to allow for mats. 

8. Can a bouncy castle go on a hard surface.

Yes it can, but please note that we will only erect our inflatables on a hard surface for indoor hall hirings. Much of our business is providing inflatables and bouncy castles for indoor parties.

As a company we tend not to erect inflatables outdoors on a hard surface such as concrete, tarmac or a patio. The safest way to secure an inflatable or bouncy castles outdoors, where it is subject to the weather, is by staking it on to a grassed area. Regulations state that if an inflatable is erected outdoors on a hard surface then each anchor point should be secured with at least 164kg of ballast (sandbags) or tied to immovable objects. Even the small inflatables will generally have 6 anchor points so I'm afraid we take the view that it is jsut not practical for us to carry nearly a tonne of sand for even small castles. 

9. Can I hire the inflatable and then charge people to use it.

Yes you can. And this is fairly typical in the case of a club or organisation running a fund raising event or schools and villages running their annual fete and the like. If you are considering an inflatable or bouncy castle for the purpose of generating revenue then please speak to us and we will give you the best advice on how to operate safely. Please be aware that with such events you are responsible for the castle and the safety of those using it so we would recommend that you follow the guidance we will give you at the point of delivery and set up. In most cases we are more than happy to erect temporary fencing around your inflatable to help you supervise more easily. Also we would strongly recommend that you have your own Public Liability Insurance in place. 

10. Do I need to pay a deposit and what happens if I cancel due to adverse weather or for some other reason.

We don't take a deposit unless you are placing a large order for our largest equipment or for multiple inflatables. So if you were to cancel there is no financial penalty to you but we would kindly ask you to give us as much notice as you can so that someone else can perhaps benefit from the use of the equipment. Adverse weather or illness are generally cancellations at short notice and we accept that.

11. Are there discounts if multiple items are booked?

Yes, we work on a percentage discount based on the amount of units required so it is always a case of speaking with us to discuss the package required and the amount of discount we can offer. 

12. Can the bouncy castle be set up on a slope or uneven ground

A very slight incline should be absolutely fine, however a bouncy castle cannot be set up on a steep gradient. If you are unsure as to whether you have a suitable space or the gradient for the bouncy castle, then please discuss it with us. If we are in your local area then a free site visit may be possible.

13. Do you hire bouncy castles outside during the winter months

Unfortunately no. During the winter months (1st October through to 31st March), we only provide for indoor venues. The reason for this position is primarily for reasons of safety but also so we can to maintain the quality and cleanliness of our bouncy castles. During the winter months a bouncy castle sited outside is not a nice environment for users as the weather is generally far too unpreditable, wet, cold and windy to ensure a safe environment. In terms of us maintaining safe clean equipment the winter months do not provide sufficient air temperatures to enable us to dry the inflatables out properly should they get wet and this results in them becoming smelly and mouldy and that is not nice for future customers. 

14. What kind of delivery access do you require

The majority of our bouncy castles are wheeled into your garden on a sack trolley. Therefore a rear or side gated access is required. Bouncy castles are bulky and heavy and cannot be lifted manually. A standard sized doorway/gate is required to wheel the majority of our bouncy castle into the garden. In the case of our larger castles a double gate opening may be required. Giant Slide is one particular inflatable needing a larger opening. For our largest castle, JungleMania, we need van access to the exact spot where the castle is to be erected as it weighs 400kg and cannot be moved manually only tipped out of our van. If you want to hire our bigger units then we can discuss your access and if need be we are happy to attend your home or venue for an assessment free of charge.  

15. I have no side access, can I still hire a bouncy castle

Only if you are hiring our smaller castles such as Tiny Tots Farmyard Bounce and Slde or Dino. Our bigger bouncy castles are too big and bulky to go through the house. Also if it does rain during the hire period that WET bouncy castle will still need to come back through the house. They retain an awful lot of water when caught in a shower and will cause mess or damage. We therefore cannot put ourselves in a position where we might be held responsible for any damage to carpets or steps.